Other Winter Activities

Outdoor ActivitiesBroomball shoes for jogging or training

The Acacia Grip-Inator Broomball shoes were built to be used indoors and outdoors. The soft rubber sole of the shoe is designed to grip slippery surfaces and holes built into the sole allow snow to clear the sole when the shoe is lifted.

This design feature makes this type of shoe very useful for many different outdoor winter activities from Nordic walking (fitness walking with specially designed poles) to simply walking or jogging on slippery streets, football played late in the season on snow covered fields or to reduce injuries due to falls for those working outdoors and many other activities during the winter months.

Broomball shoes for jogging or training
Sponge Hockey or Spongee gets its name from the puck that is used, instead of the hard vulcanized rubber puck that is used in regular hockey, a soft sponge puck is used. Acacia Broomball shoes are perfect for the sport and are used by many Sponge hockey players across Canada. These particular shoes are also used for Broomball as well as Ice Soccer!


Stick Curling has become very popular where sliding on the ice is not required and Curlers have been using a non–slip gripper on each foot. Acacia has come up with a shoe specifically designed for Stick Curling which gives the Curler better stability on the ice and helps reduce injury due to falls.

Sledge Hockey (known as Sled Hockey in USA) is a sport that was designed to allow participants who have a physical disability to play the game of ice hockey. The Acacia Bullet pants have been a popular choice for Sledge Hockey teams in Canada.Pants used for Sledge HockeyThe Acacia Pro-Steel shin/knee pads are another product used for different sports such as Sponge Hockey, Ball Hockey and Ringette. The combined knee pads / shin pads with elastic and velcro securely attaches to the legs.Pro-Steel Shin/Knee Pads Acacia Sports offers several types of gloves for different sports each providing grip, protection or both and are often used for a variety of sporting activities they weren’t originally developed for.Acacia gloves for other sports